What it does

Creation of the Sign-up tool was motivated by requests from faculty who wanted to replace the 'sign up sheets on the door' with an online alternative. Faculty needed a system that would allow students to sign up for office hours, meetings, review sessions and other events in one convenient place. This tool can also be used in project sites to create meetings for the participants.

If a time slot is full, participants can add themselves to a wait list. The tool automatically "promotes" a participant when a slot becomes available and sends an email notification.

Adding the the Sign-up tool to a site

Click Site Info, then Edit Tools and check the box next to "Sign-up." Then click Continue and Finish. You'll see the tool listed on the left side of the page.

Who can use the tool?

In course sites, the instructor role has permission to create meetings and students are allowed to sign up for them by default. Instructors can permit students in any of the courses they teach to sign up for a meeting.

Note: if you would like to grant permission to TA's or students to create meetings, click on Permissions and then click on Edit Permissions next to the site name.

In Project sites, the Maintainer can create meetings and everyone can sign up for them.